About Olga Marquez

Meet Olga Marquez, It Works! Team Leader

Olga Marquez leads her team with heart and passion. She is part of a Top Elite Ambassador Team with access to the top leaders. Olga’s most valuable accomplishment is helping countless women be able to work from home, while being there with their children.

I’m Living My Dream Life and YOU Can Too!

I am a former Human Resources and real estate investor by trade.   I left corporate America to become a stay at home mom.  Unheard of when you’re a single mom, with no other monetary support!

I continued flipping a couple more homes. While I loved my profession and flipping homes, I was facing the loss of my capital due to a struggling economy.  I decided to pursue extra income, and my search led me to It Works! Global®, home of that “Crazy Wrap Thing”.

I began freelancing part-time alongside flipping homes and staying home.  Soon, my effort was paying off, and I decided to continue building my team and brand through network marketing.

To be honest, I was very skeptical at first.  How could a former office professional in her late 30’s, living in a depressed economy find success in network marketing?  I later learned that’s the beauty of this business model.  It takes ordinary people, and it helps them to achieve extraordinary results!

I started my It Works!® business like most people—part-time, with no previous network marketing experience.  I began sharing our products and the story of our business, and people began to join me.

To my surprise, I surpassed my stay at home income by the end of my second year, and was able to continue staying home.  I then established simple systems for my team to duplicate my success!

Now our greatest joy comes from helping others do the same!

17424832_10153771563167168_1080543229871423652_nThe best part?  I am in a wonderful relationship. My partner joined me on this adventure. I am now able to give more than what I used to make—combined.  I helped my parents during their economic and health struggles.  I also have a heart to help women and children in need because of my own previous disposition.

Not only does this profession change the lives of people in our organizations, but it also impacts those outside of our teams that we have been able to bless with our time, talent, and resources.

Our lives have been transformed in so many ways.  What’s even more amazing is seeing the lives that have been transformed by our incredible opportunity.  It Works! is changing lives through the time and resources the opportunity provides—and in turn, we are able to change lives with the time and resources ItWorks provides to us. In fact within just three months in 2017, two distributors on my team and I purchased new dependable vehicles for our families.  A feat that is extremely hard to do when you are a single parent.

Today, thanks to this wonderful opportunity, I am a work from home mom to a wonderful boy, in a wonderful relationship, and am also a Certified Health Coach, and real estate and wine enthusiast.  Don’t tell me I can’t have it all; Don’t tell me I can’t help others do the same. Yes, I can!

There truly is nothing like seeing your reason, your “WHY”, in action.

What is your “WHY”? Why would you start with ItWorks? This could be the vehicle that will allow you to passionately pursue your dreams!




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